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Thanks from Hesperian

We continue to be inspired by Murray Dickson and his tireless efforts to encourage health and dental promoters and community members to respond self-reliantly to their health needs. A few years ago, Murray introduced us to Richard Bebermeyer, Martin Hobdell, and Gene Stevenson, whom we thank for volunteering their time to write and develop the manuscript for Chapter 12 in this book, “HIV and Care of the Teeth and Gums.” That material was originally published in 2002 and distributed as a supplement to the previous edition of Where There Is No Dentist. We also thank Jane Maxwell, who edited the supplement with assistance from Darlena David, Julie Gerk, and Todd Jailer.

Hesperian is lucky to be able to draw upon a large pool of people committed to grassroots health, and we owe a debt of gratitude for their insightful comments and suggestions to: Rodrigo de Amorim, Jean Arthur, Alma Carolina Blanco Reyes, Claire Borkert, Roman Carlos, Stephen Cox, Alan Dare, Callum Duward, Belinda Forbes, Jo Frencken, Monica Gandhi, Gene Gowdey, Gerardo Gutiérrez, Martin Hobdell, Christopher Holmgren, Marie Klaipo, Patcharin Lekswat, Brian Linde, Theresa Noe, Francina Lozada Nur, Stephen Moses, Foluso Owotade, Francis Serio, Michael Terry, Garth von Hagen, and P. Wanzala.

Illustrations added in the 2012 edition of the book are by: Silvia Barandier, Sara Boore, Heidi Broner, José de Jesús Chan, Gil Corral, Regina Doyle, Anna Kallis, Susan Klein, Gabriela Nuñez, Kathleen Tandy, Sarah Wallis, Lihua Wang, and Mary Ann Zapalac.

Editing and updating for the 2006 edition: coordination by Kathleen Vickery, with Todd Jailer, Susan McCallister, Iñaki Fernández de Retana, Leana Rosetti, and Fiona Thomson. For the 2012 edition: coordination by Dorothy Tegeler, with Jacob Goolkasian, Zena Herman, Todd Jailer, Melody Segura, and Kathleen Tandy. For the 2015 edition: coordination by Kathleen Vickery, with Todd Jailer, Rosemary Jason, and Kathleen Tandy. For the 2022 edition: coordination by Dani Behonick, with Todd Jailer and Kathleen Tandy.

Thanks from Murray Dickson, 1983

Where There Is No Dentist is here to fill a need. To many people, it has seemed that the existing books about dental care were either too incomplete or too complicated. If this book fills that need, it is only because a number of people worked hard to make it happen. To them I owe my sincere thanks.

Much has happened since that day in Papua New Guinea when David Werner's letter arrived. His challenge was simple: "Since no one else has written a dental manual like this, why don't you?" With David's encouragement and constant support, I was able to take teaching notes and produce a suitable draft that was the basic for this book. To you, David, for your patience in helping me learn, my heartfelt thanks. Thanks also to Trude Bock and Bill Bower for the home, food, direction, and support, during a short visit to The Hesperian Foundation in which the book took a definite turn for the better.

Michael Blake deserves special mention. As editor of Where There Is No Dentist, it was he who took the manuscript and nursed it along to completion. Michael's commitment to finishing the book was vital, and I sincerely appreciate it.

My thanks go to Maggie Leung for typing the final draft, and to those dedicated persons who helped get the book into final form: Annaloy Nickum (page design); Hal Lockwood (typesetting and paste-up); Paul Chandler, Serena Clayton, and Elaine Rossi (proofreading); Pat Bernier (typing); and Howard Uno (photostats).

For their outstanding drawings, I am exceedingly grateful to: June Mehra, Janet Elliott de Jacques, Michael Marzolla, Joan Thompson, Mindy Mead, Arlene Ustin-Cartagena, and Lynn Gordon. My own drawings in the manual appear amateurish in comparison.

I want to thank the many persons who reviewed the manuscript and offered valuable suggestions: Ken Cripwell, Bill Bower, Jeff Vore, Aaron Yaschine, Rosalie Warpeha, Norma Francisco, Mike Muller, Marcia Anderson, Phil Haskett, Bert Bali, Tom Coles, Sunil Mehra, and John Rogers. In particular, thanks to Chris Lennox who, faced with stressful times in Papua New Guinea, found time to read through two drafts; and to David Morley for his ideas for improving the book and his assistance with its eventual publication.

For their financial help, I am grateful to the Ella Lyman Cabot Trust, Muttart Foundation, the Canadian Organization for Development through Education, and the James C. Penney Foundation.

I thank the C.V. Mosby Company and Dr. Kenneth Snawder for permission to adapt several drawings from the Handbook of Clinical Pedodontics, and the Medical Missionary Association (6 Canonbury Place, London N1 2NJ, U.K.) for permission to use parts of David Halestrap's book Simple Dental Care.

This book is based upon several years of practical experience, made possible by the Canadian Organization CUSO. For this opportunity, and for CUSO's active interest and involvement in this book, I most gratefully say thanks.

Finally, I want to acknowledge my family's contribution. For weeks on end, my wife, Gerri, faithfully read and discussed with me each part of the book as it changed and was rewritten. She did this cheerfully, at a time when she was fully occupied in a graduate study program. For much longer than I had anticipated, Gerri and our two boys, Michael and Brennan, had to tolerate my preoccupations.

My parents endured my wanderings and search for answers to human problems with love and a growing sense of understanding. It is my only disappointment that they did not live to see this book in its final form.

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